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A Goodman & Son Metal Recycling

A Goodman & Son is a long established, well respected, family run business specialising in the recycling of all scrap metal.

What we do:

• We buy all grades of scrap metal, delivered or collected.
• We offer competitive prices based of up to date market information.
• We offer a comprehensive collection service tailored to your specific requirements.
• A wide range of containers are available from 1 to 40 cubic yards.
• We are a registered Public Weigh Bridge with a computerised weighing system, accurate up to 50 metric tonnes, regularly calibrated and EC Approved which conforms with the Non-automatic Weighing Instruments Regulations 2000 and in accordance with EC Directive 90/384/EEC.

How we can pay you:

• Visa Debit or Crossed Cheque.
o These must be accompanied by valid photo ID:
o Photo Card Driving Licence or
o Passport and recent Utility Bill.
• On account via BACS or Crossed Cheque including VAT, payment terms to suit.

What we accept:

• Ferrous – Iron, Steel. Cast Iron…
• End of Life Vehicles accompanied by the V5C (log book).
• All grades of Catalytic Convertors.
• Non Ferrous - Copper, Brass, Lead, Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Cables etc.
• Precious – Platinum, Gold, Silver and associated alloys.
• Semi-Precious – Printed Circuit Boards, Tungsten Carbide, Titanium etc.

What we can’t accept:

• Fridges & Freezers.
• Sealed container and Gas bottles.
• Safes containing concrete or sand.


A Goodman & Son
(Gainreward Limited)
Tavistock Street
Milton Keynes

Telephone:- (01908) 373187
or (01908) 377318

Facsimile:- (01908) 372709

E-mail:- bob@agoodmanandson.co.uk